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GOtv now in Uganda

Africa's first commercial operations using the next generation Digital Video Broadcast standard - DVB-T2 - rolled out with the launch of GOtv in Uganda on Monday 29 August 2011, following the launch in Lusaka, Zambia on 29 June 2011.
The launch is representative of the most advanced digital terrestrial television (DTT) broadcast systems and infrastructures established in Africa and the rest of the world. The DVB-T2 technology used is an upgrade of the outdated T1 technology which was utilized by first movers in the Digital Migration.

DVB-T2 technology

GOtv is delivered via satellite to each country where it is redistributed by DTT transmitters. The GOtv roll out are on the DVB-T2 technology standard which allows for up to 20 channels per frequency, this is different from DVB-T1 technology which only allows for 12 channels per frequency. Thus, there is an improvement on the 2 usage of terrestrial frequencies available to countries when DVB-T2 is deployed.

A product of MultiChoice

GOtv, a product of MultiChoice, is a new digital pay television offering which includes channels ranging from news, children's programming, documentaries, series, sport and movies. Its launch signifies the opening up of a new world of digital television entertainment in Africa. Most importantly, GOtv will showcase in digital quality free to air channels in each country of operation.

Investments are being made by MultiChoice Africa and its partners to ensure the latest technology is deployed. GOtv is delivered using new technology which enables the offering to be regionalised, delivering a different channel line-up per country in order to suit the viewing needs of subscribers in each country.

President of MultiChoice Africa, Collins Khumalo said, "We are investing in the future of the African continent. Together with our partners, we are financing and developing leading DTT technologies and infrastructure to support the development of African economies. Our commitment as a company born and bred in Africa, and as a pioneer in digital pay media, is to work with our various governments in ensuring that we achieve the developmental goals as well as meet Africa's goals and objectives as regard to bridging the digital divide and achieving the digital dividend."

Project manager for GOtv, Ian Barnard added, "our aim is to deliver digital television for everyone as we roll out DTT networks on the continent. GOtv is an affordable digital pay television offering with exciting local and international channels in great picture and sound quality."

"As an African business we are truly committed to achieving the best possible roll out of DTT and are working closely with governments and free to air broadcasters in each country. We aim to assist Governments in achieving a speedy migration from analogue to digital by 2015, by increasing the attractiveness and appetite for digital television offering. By using the DVB-T2 standard we are not only ensuring that Africa has the latest technology, but also ensuring that Governments achieve the best possible use of their countries frequencies."

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