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Innovation is the key

Right Stuff is known for their mobile event branding innovation and are at the forefront of product design and development. The company is frequently involved in the branding of large events, and innovation plays a big role in their success.
Most recently Right Stuff has developed the popular Pop Right Open™ range even further to include the all-new Vertical Pop Right Open™, which comes in two sizes. The new option offers greater variety for branding optimisation.

The patented Pop Right Open™ comprises one single sheet of material within a glass fibre frame with legs attached in elastic sleeves. The material can be printed single- or double-sided as it is made from special opaque cloth, which obviates the need for three sheets of material. The reaction to this new product has been phenomenal for two reasons: the design is unique and the material can be printed on both sides with no print show-through. The new design is both refreshing and versatile as it can be used in two ways - free-standing or hung on a wall through eyelets in the frame. This saves space and adds another dimension to signage.

Currently Right Stuff introduces a new product onto the market every quarter, which is not only exciting but also creates diversity within the industry. We see a lot of the same products all the time, so now and then it's a good idea to see something new. Visit our website:


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Right Stuff
Right Stuff prides itself on being an innovator of portable event advertising products, constantly developing new products which are fairly priced and with the best delivery and quality in the business