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McCann is a company built on the power of Truth to transform brands and businesses.
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Wimbledon Champions are reimagined in botanical splendourMcCann//Craft, 1stAveMachine, and ENVY Advertising create enchanting film for The Championships 2018 17 Jul 2018 Read more

How an operations officer got invited to judge creativity at the LoeriesThis year, Clyde Mallon (former chief digital officer at McCann Johannesburg, now chief operating officer at McCann Johannesburg) - a guy with vast experience in the technological and digital realm of advertising - has been invited to be a judge at the Loeries. 10 Jul 2018 Read more

Clyde Mallon named COO at McCann JohannesburgMcCann Worldgroup has announced that Clyde Mallon has been promoted to serve in the role of Chief Operating Officer for McCann Johannesburg. 26 Mar 2018 Read more

People who are green with envy don't have to be #TravelHatersIt started with a douchebag. Be cool, it really did! 23 Mar 2018 Read more

New York Festivals Advertising AwardsIt's that time of year again when we're gearing up to celebrate the pants off the golden ideals of advertising - creativity, innovation and bold ideas - with the prestigious New York Festivals Advertising Awards. The Gala is due to take place on 17 May 2018 and the big red circle marking the end of entries draws closer every day - 28 February 2018. 21 Feb 2018 Read more

365 Johnnie Walker statues stride to end woman and child abuse in South AfricaOn the morning of 9 November 2017, residents of Johannesburg awoke to the sight of 365 Striding Men 'walking' the iconic Nelson Mandela Bridge, prompting the whole of South Africa to ask, who are they? And why have they come? 14 Dec 2017 Read more

Adlab Zambia becomes Adlab McCannExpanding in a new direction to enhance Zambian brands 15 Sep 2017 Read more

Breathless moments for South Africa as McCann scores at the Clio AwardsJohannesburg-based agency McCann Health is the only South African agency to win at the international CLIO Awards in New York. 29 Oct 2015 Read more

McCann Johannesburg hosts third annual Portfolio Night in SAThe best of the present in the advertising industry meets the best of the future 21 May 2015 Read more

The Empty Shop finally comes to South Africa!Sandton City has a heart of gold and while the centre is proud of being Africa's ultimate shopping destination, Sandton City always seeks ways to help those for whom just buying a loaf of bread every day is often a struggle. 5 Nov 2014 Read more

McCann scoops a digital award at the African Cristal Festival!McCann Johannesburg, the flagship and largest office on the continent for the McCann Worldgroup, is proud to declare their win of an Emerald Award in the Digital and Mobile Online Film category at this year's African Cristal Festival. Aimed at bringing together the entire media and communication industry to network and to promote regional culture through dedicated competitions, conferences and debates, the African Cristal Awards celebrate African creativity in advertising and media. 14 Oct 2014 Read more

IPG Mediabrands launches new programmatic buying desk in SAIPG Mediabrands, the media innovation arm of Interpublic Group, including The Media Shop, UM and Initiative Media in South Africa, has announced the launch of Cadreon, its programmatic buying capability in the South African market. 11 Jul 2014 Read more

McCann Health wins Clio AwardMcCann Health, a division of McCann Worldgroup, has recently won a prestigious Clio award for its work on Merck Sharp Dohme's (MSD) Drixine, a nasal decongestant. The Clio awards are one of the most recognised international honours in advertising. McCann Health was acknowledged for the most groundbreaking creative work in late December, 2013. 18 Feb 2014 Read more

McCann's creative head to judge renowned MENA Cristal AwardsMcCann Johannesburg's chief creative officer, Pierre Odendaal, has been invited to be part of the exclusive Creative Jury for the 9th MENA Cristal Festival 2014. The festival gathers 750 advertising professionals and advertisers from the Middle East and North Africa. The MENA Cristal Awards are recognised in the most important international and regional rankings. 31 Jan 2014 Read more

McCann Johannesburg campaigns for Island LifeMcCann Johannesburg was recently appointed by KAUAI to launch its new digital campaign between now and March 2014; this is the digital agency's first win. The campaign will see the agency build brand perceptions, increase visibility, and drive engagement by providing a compelling digital experience for consumers. 15 Jan 2014 Read more

Star-struck in New YorkPortfolio Night takes place annually in twenty-four cities all over the world. Hosted by McCann Johannesburg for the first time in South Africa, the event saw close to 120 students from local creative institutions competing. Along with 23 young All Stars from around the world, Lize-Marie Dreyer of The Open Window School of Visual Communication in Johannesburg, scooped the honour of an all-expenses-paid trip to New York City. 5 Sep 2013 Read more

McCann launches new Allsome Rice TVCAllsome Rice was recently introduced to the country's shelves by leading advertising agency, McCann Johannesburg. The agency had the epic task of launching a new South African rice product in an already dominated market. Its strategy was to show the audience 'The Beginning of a Good Thing' - the campaign's tag line. 21 Aug 2013 Read more

Seeking truth in advertisingIf the truth about advertising was something 18 interns from the AAA School of Advertising were after, then an internship at McCann Johannesburg was the ideal way of attaining it. Being custodians of the credo "Truth Well Told", McCann hosted the fresh-faces for three weeks as part of its investment in the future of the industry. 14 Aug 2013 Read more

Red-hot Lize-Marie Dreyer wins spot in Portfolio Night All-Stars Creative Challenge in NYCStudent Lize-Marie Dreyer, of Open Window School of Visual Communications, has been announced as the winner of the inaugural Portfolio Night Johannesburg 2013 All-Stars competition. For her efforts, she will be spending a week at the Art Directors Club (ADC) headquarters, New York, on an all-expenses-paid visit, to compete in a creative challenge for winners from all competing global cities. 30 May 2013 Read more

35 countries: 63 cities: Portfolio Night now on in JoburgPutting together the first ever Portfolio Night for southern Africa is a tall order, but industry and sponsor support will make it all possible for the host, McCann Johannesburg. Portfolio Night will take place on Wednesday 22 May, and looks set to be a highlight on the advertising industry's calendar. It will bring together 150 creative hopefuls, and the best in the business, for a fast-paced evening of career-shaping advice, networking, and for some, recruitment offers. 17 May 2013 Read more

#agencylifeThis piece is purely about my love affair with advertising, the industry in which I've spent a large part of my life. It's been mostly good to me but, on occasion, I've questioned my role, and my contribution to the industry. It has also been extremely cruel to me, especially when I've found myself on the losing end of a sizeable pitch, or when it has forced me to let go of great talent, colleagues and friends, all under my watch, or when it struggles to embrace the people, diversity and the politics of the day. 2 May 2013 Read more

Don't be like the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland who was 'late for a very important date!' Tickets to Portfolio Night are selling like hotcakes for the date in mind: 22 May, 2013. If you are a creative student and eager to have your work adjudicated by some of the best in the advertising biz, while competing for a ticket to the Big Apple, don't wait; click here. 30 Apr 2013 Read more

McCann is an agency that likes to colour outside the lines, but its latest ISO accreditation proves that it is also a stickler for the rules. The rule book, in this case, is set by Dekra, who awarded the agency an ISO 9001:2008 accreditation. Being the second advertising agency in South Africa to be so awarded, McCann is leading the pack when it comes to adhering to international standards for quality management systems. 29 Apr 2013 Read more

McCann gets a high-five for its green eventMcCann Public Relations was recently appointed to launch a green building. Not just any green building. But the first five-star-awarded smaller commercial building by the Green Building Council of South Africa. The property in question is the stunning eco-friendly Upper Grayston, in Linden Road, Strathavon, Johannesburg. 26 Apr 2013 Read more

The future for advertising students is about to get a lot more exciting as McCann Johannesburg gears up to host Portfolio Night. Tickets went on sale worldwide at 12pm local time on 15 April, 2013 in all 24 participating cities. Only 150 tickets at a cost of R100 will be available in South Africa to students and thereafter the entries close. Tickets can be purchased here: 16 Apr 2013 Read more

TRUTH, n. An ingenious compound of desirability. Discovery of truth is the sole purpose of philosophy, which is the most ancient occupation of the human mind and has a fair prospect of existing with increasing activity to the end of time - The Devil's Dictionary by Ambrose Bierce 12 Mar 2013 Read more

The truth? McCANN PR wants to brag. And here's why...The team at McCANN PR hasn't slept in months. Wouldn't you be counting sheep, while trying to come up with how to launch an international fashion brand to the hungry South African market? Unequivocally, nothing but brilliance would do. Originality. Creativity. Edginess. Relevance. Truth... these were only the beginnings of the check boxes identified as we fashioned the TOPSHOP & TOPMAN campaign. 28 Nov 2012 Read more