5 Aug 2019Advanced Monitoring and Evaluation for Development Results CourseLusaka
5 Aug 2019Agri-Business, Enterprise Development and Market Linkage CourseLusaka
5 Aug 2019GIS for Health Sector Programme Management CourseLusaka
5 Aug 2019Impact Evaluation for Evidence-Based Policy in Development CourseLusaka
5 Aug 2019Irrigation and Operational Maintenance CourseLusaka
5 Aug 2019Monitoring Evaluation and data analysis for Community based Projects CourseLusaka
5 Aug 2019Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) Management CourseLusaka
5 Aug 2019Panel Data Models in Stata CourseLusaka
5 Aug 2019Project Monitoring and Evaluation with Data Collection and Analysis using Nvivo/STATA/SPSS CourseLusaka
12 Aug 2019Climate Resilience and Food Security CourseLusaka
12 Aug 2019Data Analysis, Modeling and Simulation using Excel CourseLusaka
12 Aug 2019Financial Management, Budgeting and Auditing of Donor Funded Projects CourseLusaka
12 Aug 2019GIS Disease Surveillance Monitoring CourseLusaka
12 Aug 2019GIS for Natural Resource Management CourseLusaka
12 Aug 2019Grant Management using Quickbooks CourseLusaka
12 Aug 2019Mobile Application Development CourseLusaka
12 Aug 2019Project Appraisals and Impact Evaluations CourseLusaka
12 Aug 2019Project Proposal and Report Writing Skill CourseLusaka
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