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Radisson Blu forms three-way partnership to enhance sustainable forest management in Zambia

Radisson Blu Hotel has partnered with Lusaka, SOS Children's Village and Plant a Million Zambia to better the community and environment in Zambia. The announcement was made on World Environment Day, 5 June 2019 in Lusaka and was supported by the Minister of Sport, Youth and Child Development Moses Mawere, Mister of Justice Given Lubinda, Mayor of Lusaka Miles Sampa, high commissioners, ambassadors, board members of SOS Children's Villages and Plant a Million Zambia.
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The Radisson Hotel Group has, for many years, been dedicated to the group’s responsible business initiatives from water saving, decreasing its carbon footprint to being active in the communities where the hotels are located.

To better the community and environment as a partnership, the three organisations will focus on three key pillars:

1. Education,
2. Economy and
3. Environment.

"This partnership is the next step in enhancing the training and understanding of the children and youths at the SOS Children’s Village in the field of sustainable and ecological management of trees. Radisson Blu Lusaka is proud to sponsor Plant a Million Zambia so that they can create a Tree Nursery at the SOS Children’s Village in Lusaka," said Johan Klang, Radisson Blu Hotel Lusaka general manager.

Adern Nkandela, manager of SOS Children’s Village said that within this partnership the partners are giving children the opportunity to learn, educate and empower themselves and their families to be part of the change we all want to see in the world.

Mawere shared how the project will address government matters pertaining to deforestation, climate change, promotion of child education in environmental care, and improvement of the social and economic situation of society. "The Government of the Republic of Zambia remains committed to participating in this initiative because through such an initiative we can address climate change, deforestation and fight economic poverty through the use of planting trees."

Mawere further emphasised that during the launch of Plant a Million Zambia his Excellency the President Edgar Lungu addressed the concern for environmental degradation and the need to educate the citizens of Zambia, in this he explained that this should be included in schools around the country and teach them to appreciate the importance of trees our environment.

In conclusion, Mawere said: "The vision of this partnership is to create a tree-based economy in line with our 7th National Development plan whose aim is to diversify the economy away from copper.

"I am aware that this initiative will contribute to improving food security and income levels through the selling of products such as fruits, juice and oils. This will not only combat the climate challenge but will also ultimately contribute to the food security of the country."

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