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Agritech Expo Zambia returns, adds new features

The Agritech Expo Zambo, which returns to Chisamba from 11-13 April 2019, is expected to bring more than 20,000 visitors, over 220 local and international exhibitors, including international pavilions from Germany, Italy, UK and Zimbabwe; with 3,500 VIP and large scale farmers and 150 members of the media. "Agritech Expo Zambia 2019 promises more agro-technology and innovation advancements as the event continues to unveil the future for our agriculture," says Jervis Zimba, President of the Zambia National Farmers' Union (ZNFU).

Zimba says the huge success of last year’s Agritech Expo in the face of numerous challenges, including the economic crunch and cholera and FMD outbreaks in the area, "showed that the organisers, the local partners and the government always manage to work together and towards excellence and year-after-year deliver an outstanding product that has proven to be valuable and indeed unmissable for regional farmers of all scales, exhibitors and sponsors alike."

This year the event at GART is expected to bring more than 20,000 visitors, over 220 local and international exhibitors, including international pavilions from Germany, Italy, UK and Zimbabwe to name a few, with 3,500 VIP and large scale farmers and 150 members of the media. Agritech Expo Zambia is free to attend for all visitors that pre-register.

Agritech Expo Zambia will feature the following 16 industry featured zones:

Livestock Zone

The Livestock Zone incorporates various breeders who display their livestock services, species of livestock including goats, cows and sheep, as well as animal feeds and veterinary services.

Live Crop Trails

Visitors are able to view the yields of seeds from a variety of seed producers and respective agrochemicals companies.

Machinery and Equipment Demos

The machinery demonstrations is a display of versatility and capability by leading machinery suppliers.

Construction Park

The Construction Park offers visitors a selection of quality construction equipment to suit their agricultural needs.

4x4 Test Track

The 4x4 Test Track gives visitors the opportunity to test their skills or simply be driven around the track and experience the capability and manoeuvrability of high-end utility vehicles.

Energy Park

The Energy Park was introduced in 2016 and offers innovative ways to get off the grid amidst the power crisis unfolding in the region.

International Pavilions

Agritech Expo expects to feature more than five international country pavilions featuring products and solutions from global industry leaders. This will give attendees the opportunity to view and discuss products from outside their local market.

Indoor Expo Tent

The indoor expo showcases a variety of local and international agri suppliers looking to expand their footprint in sub-Saharan Africa.

Irrigation Zone

The Irrigation Zone displays a variety of irrigation systems and farming solutions, including centre pivot displays for commercial and small-scale farmers from leading industry suppliers.

Centre Pivot Display

Farming professionals will be able to see the different growth rates of various crops under centre pivot irrigation, which is an integral part of their farming practice and methods

AgriTeach Training Workshops

The technical workshops are presented by industry experts and focus on modernising small-scale farmers. These workshops provide access to market information and innovations from the latest financial loan models to new agri solutions

VIP Large Scale Farmers Agenda

Presenting commodity trade roundtable discussions, business matchmaking, networking function to link agribusinesses together. Exclusively designed for large scale farming enterprises that are ready to access new agribusiness ventures and markets.

SME Zone

The SME Zone is a cost-effective designed area for locally based companies to participate in the event and to engage with farming professionals, without having to create a large display area

Business Zone

A variety of dedicated companies offering a wide range of farming services, consultancies, equipment and technology, farming research and industry institutions as well as associations will be represented.

Aquaculture Showcase

Aquaculture is a growing market in Sub-Saharan Africa and Agritech Expo Zambia 2019 will showcase the region’s most prominent players in this field and will give the farming professionals attending the opportunity to learn more about this lucrative market and to explore new ways, in which to incorporate this practice into their farming operations.

Nethouse Showcase

Visitors can make their way to the Amiran stand where the team has constructed one of their unique nethouses. The technology and designs are state of the art; and visitors will get a chance to meet friendly, knowledgeable staff and engage with them in a variety of discussions on various products and projects.

New features for 2019:

Livestock Demos and Workshops

Practical demos giving farmers a first-hand experience on how to best care for their livestock.

Live Planting Demos

These demos provide the opportunity for seed companies to practically provide a live training demo to feature the best way to plant seeds with the right mix of agrochemicals and technology to attain solid yields.

Additional AgriTeach Workshop Zones

Previously, workshops were featured in a single workshop zone. In the upcoming edition, farmers will have the opportunity to attend multiple workshop sessions taking place across five different industry themes, allowing farmers a more focused and detailed knowledge building experience. Workshop zones will cover crops, irrigation, machinery and equipment, finance and livestock.

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