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All roads lead to mobile marketing - social, shopping and CRM

Mobile marketing, the be-all and end-all of targeted advertising encompasses many online avenues which include promotions, shopping, social media and CRM. Let's delve into some of these options and how they tie into mobile marketing.

Online promotions

An online promotions strategy requires various levels of planning such as creating the promotion, launching it, reworking it to see where it succeeds/fails and then finishing off the promotion. How can mobile marketing work into this venue then? Mobile marketing makes the planning stage a breeze, as ideas can be crowdsourced with the mobile format assisting you. Online promotions are then easily launched on the mobile format, and reworked to fit the needs of the ever-evolving mobile space. Regardless, it's better to have a promotion that's portable.

Online shopping

There is hardly a better team than online shopping and mobile marketing. The two simply go hand in hand. An item is pushed onto the user's phone and then is either purchased in a physical store or online. It's easy to do, easy to promote and even better to implement in a contained mobile environment. There are also so many ways to do it. You can have text-based shopping promotions messages, or send mobile emails to a select customer base or send MMS promotions. Online shopping as we said, was made for mobile marketing.

Social media

Another peanut-butter and jelly combination, social media fits into mobile marketing without any effort at all. Tying a social media campaign with mobile marketing takes very little strain. Imagine promoting your food brand on Facebook or Twitter. Thanks to the multitude of advertising options on both platforms, it's never been a better or more viable option. Think of it this way: you have a free audience, willing to accept your brand with just the right amount of social nudging.


Managing customers, clients and prospective sales is the heart of CRM, or Customer Relationship Management. CRM ties into mobile marketing as there is no better or friendlier way to interact with your client base. Mobile marketing helps to decrease overall advertising costs, reel in the customers' attention, increase the profitability of campaigns and lower costs across multiple departments in a company. Challenges associated with CRM include raising profits and mobile marketing helps this to become a reality as it integrates into every avenue of the business.


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